GreenSeam: Helping the Economy & You

Agriculture is vital for numerous reasons, and in the GreenSeam Region (southern Minnesota to northern Iowa), ag is truly a way of life. GreenSeam LLC, an organization founded on the basis of this concept, seeks to redefine agribusiness and create unity in this abundant region.

I serve on the Board of Governors for GreenSeam (Ex-Officio, Non-Voting) through my work as President and CEO of the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation. Being part of GreenSeam is a valuable asset and I got involved with it because our foundation (Southern MN Initiative Foundation) does a lot of economic development work in the region through grants, loans, and other ventures. I try to stay connected with groups in the area that are connected to the growth and vitality of the region, and GreenSeam certainly fits that criteria as they are building on an area of our economy here in southern MN that is especially strong. It’s important to expand on the future of this region and build partnerships, so that’s how I got involved. The future of the GreenSeam region is very bright, and through its work to elevate itself from southern Minnesota-northern Iowa to the rest of the United States as an innovative agribusiness epicenter, the future is looking even brighter.

Agriculture is an area of this region’s economy that is very strong. It is 20% of Minnesota’s economy when you look at it from farm production to processing of those materials to ethanol to agribusiness dealers to repair shops to ag service providers such as law firms, etc. It’s a huge share of this region’s economy and will lead to economic growth going forward. It is very clear that GreenSeam is working in a realm of the economy that is not only currently vital, but one that will continue to be even more so as momentum in the region builds through its efforts.

Agriculture impacts everyone with or without their knowledge. It has been historically huge here and remains important to this day. There are limitless opportunities for expansion and growth in these areas. I like the idea of GreenSeam really defining what agriculture is and focusing on its impact in this region. As GreenSeam continues to increase ag awareness through defining how important agriculture is, agribusiness will certainly benefit from this and the region will benefit right along with it. As ag is so important to the economy, investors are seeing that GreenSeam is proactive with their forward-thinking vision targeted at long-term impact to help businesses receive beneficial return in the future. Investing in ag is investing in the future, and GreenSeam is securing ag’s future potential.