What Does it Mean to “Be a Part of the GreenSeam?”

It means being a part of something in our region that is larger than yourself or your community!

I serve on the Board of Governors for GreenSeam, a multifaceted initiative designed to strategically build on and connect extensive agricultural business assets within a region including Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa. GreenSeam has clear goals to ensure this already prosperous agricultural area is viewed as the agricultural epicenter for the US.

These goals include:

  • Agribusiness retention and attraction
  • Business attraction and creation
  • Talent development, retention and attraction
  • Regional branding and promotion as the agricultural epicenter in the US, similar to other industry clusters/epicenters such as Silicon Valley (technology) or Wall Street (finances).

The GreenSeam region includes southern Minnesota and northern Iowa. Agriculture has global impact and the GreenSeam region’s economy relies heavily on agriculture and related agribusinesses. There are over 950 ag businesses in the GreenSeam area; 28% of our total workforce is employed in agriculture; 1 in 3 dollars of real economic value is tied to agriculture and agriculture/agribusiness represents $36 billion in economic activity in the region.  Agriculture and agribusiness include producers, manufacturers, technology, and service providers, as well as impacts, then, to the local, regional and national economies. When all of these local and regional businesses come together and invest in being “a part of the GreenSeam,” we can reach outcomes to benefit all.

I got involved with GreenSeam when it was suggested to me through a local Chamber that I consider involvement with GreenSeam. Once I had the opportunity to review what GreenSeam was about, there was no question in my mind this was an initiative I wanted to be involved with.

I assist those who invest in land, as well as involvement through several organizations who work legislatively on behalf of property rights and legislation that impacts land and landowners. As a result, agriculture impacts my career as a land real estate broker, auctioneer, and appraiser.  Many may not see my line of work as one that makes me involved in agriculture, but it certainly does.

What GreenSeam is striving to do will positively impact the entire region. GreenSeam has very clear goals to become the agricultural epicenter for the US and are in the perfect location to expand on an already prosperous agricultural region to take it to the next level. GreenSeam is educating and redefining what ag is for the next generation of agribusiness leaders, something I also see as vital.

Retaining young people who want to be involved in agriculture requires education, as well as the development of businesses to hire those young people. I taught at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the bulk of the students I taught were considering an ag career – whether that was going back to the family farm or being involved in an ag-related business. Agriculture and agribusinesses are key components of this bountiful region. GreenSeam is unlocking even more future potential as those involved in agriculture and agribusiness come together to achieve becoming the agricultural epicenter for the US.