Ryan Dutton Joins the GreenSeam Board of Governors

As the son of a third-generation farmer, I have lived and worked in rural America most of my life.  Growing up on a farm I witnessed firsthand how hard our food producer’s work.  As a lifelong resident of southern Minnesota, I have seen the economic impact ag production and ancillary agribusinesses have on rural communities.

My interest in serving on the GreenSeam Board of Governors derives from knowing our area provides a unique quality of life which is largely driven by the ag industry.  A vibrant ag economy is the catalyst for thriving communities throughout southern Minnesota and northern Iowa.  The GreenSeam is uniquely positioned to be the epicenter of agribusiness in the U.S.

GreenSeam’s vision to be the “…premier ag business epicenter in the United States” is a lofty, but achievable goal given the natural resources and work ethic we have here.  Realizing the GreenSeam vision requires engagement from the business community.  SDN’s partnership in Southern Minnesota Broadband (a regional fiber-optic transport network) engages us with area Internet service providers and technology businesses.  SDN and our SMB partners have brought advanced connectivity to the region.  Internet connectivity is invaluable to ag producers and ag businesses.  Connectivity is critical for advancements in precision ag, attracting talent and is foundational for growing and retaining ag production facilities across the GreenSeam region.

Why did SDN and our partners become supporters of GreenSeam? SDN Communications and our SMB partners are aligned with GreenSeam both geographically and from a mission perspective.  SDN and our SMB partners are proud to support GreenSeam and the many ag businesses in the region.

Southern Minnesota Broadband: SDN Communications (managing member), AcenTek, Alliance Communications, Bevcomm, Christensen Communications, Communications 1 Network, KM Telecom, Lismore Cooperative Telephone, MetroNet, Nuvera, WCTA and Woodstock Communications.