Julie Rath

We serve member communities with business recruitment, business expansion, administrative services, and technical assistance.

Redwood County is one of the top ag production counties in Minnesota. Ag is the core of who and what we are as Redwood County.

As an economic development specialist, I strive to work with all industry clusters including ag and renewable energy. Our first goal is to work internally with our existing ag businesses to make sure they are strong because when ag is doing well, the rest of the economy in our county does well. Redwood Falls was the home of the Minnesota Inventors Congress started in 1958 with the sole purpose of hosting an annual invention show where inventors could share what they came up with for their next idea and many were ag based inventions. The area has an entrepreneurial spirit and focused on inventions for 57 years! Ag touches every facet of each and every one of our lives on a daily basis. I enjoy and learn a lot from my Ag community every day!