New ag exhibit coming to Children’s Museum in September

MANKATO — A new Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota exhibit opening in September will highlight modern agricultural practices in the region.

The museum announced the Taylor Farm exhibit Wednesday, which is funded by the Glen A. Taylor Foundation.

The exhibit will feature a tractor, corn field, barn and pig sections. Children can go on virtual adventures through farm fields on the tractor.

It will open to the public Sept. 21, with the museum to be closed between Sept. 11-14 for installation.

The partnership between the foundation and museum is about “fostering innovative learning experiences,” stated Taylor Corporation Chairman and founder Glen Taylor in a news release.

“This exhibit represents a captivating blend of modern agriculture, interactive exploration, and cultural heritage,” he said. “By enabling children to engage with the essence of agricultural practices, we hope to inspire a profound appreciation for our region’s farming legacy and the vital role it plays. Together, with the museum, we are excited to contribute to the growth and enrichment of our community’s educational landscape.”

The museum is thrilled to partner with the foundation to bring the exhibit to life, said Louise Dickmeyer, the museum CEO, in the release.

“Our aim is to provide children with a deeper understanding of the rich agricultural heritage of southern Minnesota,” she stated. “With its interactive elements and engaging design, the exhibit will inspire curiosity, spark imaginations and create lasting memories for our visitors.”

GreenSeam Director Sam Ziegler helped the collaboration happen and described the exhibit as a testament to the power of collaborative conversations and shared visions.

“Our discussions have come to fruition through this exhibit opening,” he stated. “This exhibit eloquently symbolizes our steadfast commitment to propelling the agricultural narrative forward within our region. We are proud to contribute to such an exhibit that represents the multifaceted GreenSeam region that boasts pork production and advanced tractor manufacturing.”

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