Goal: To support a need for regional talent by providing technical services to businesses to incorporate and accommodate a global workforce. 

Definition of International professionals/workers 

How: GreenSeam will allocate funds to subsidize business costs associated with workforce and legal guidance and expertise to assist with attracting, retaining, and accommodating a global workforce. 

Financial Support:  

  • $1,000 grant to support costs with initial consultations (Workforce + Legal Consultants) 
  • 25% match of costs up to $3,000  
    • ExampleIf after the initial consultations, you decide to move forward with the hiring of international talent and the fee is $5,000, we will provide $1,250 of financial assistance. 

Do I Qualify? 

  • If you answer yes to the two questions below, you qualify for the financial assistance.  
  • Is your business connected directly or indirectly to the food and agriculture sector? 
  • Examples include: engaged in the production, processing, marketing, distribution, preparation, and exporting of agricultural and food products, providing support activities, products or services that are directly related to the agriculture and food sector. 
  • Do you have less than 500 employees? 
  • Are you located in or conduct business within the following counties: Sibley, Nicollet, Le Sueur, Brown, Watonwan, Blue Earth, Waseca, Martin, and Faribault.  

***** if you are unsure if you qualify or not, call us… ***** 

Sam Ziegler, sziegler@greenseam.org  |  507-

Next Steps: 

  1. Complete intake form
  2. Schedule a time to connect with GreenSeam 15 min call. Verification/Coordinator what and who GreenSeam 
  3. GreenSeam host a connection with our specialized and experienced legal and workforce consultants (Val and Erin to discuss) Comprehensive 2 part package is funded by GreenSeam through the MBFFA grant valued at $1,000  
  4. 1st consultation will review your business goals and needs. Outcome to receive tailored feedback. (45 min) (GreenSeam kick off and turn over to V&E) 
  5. 2nd consultation will provide feedback and ideas tailored to your organizational needs. Outcome to build a program for your business, with community and future global employees. Comprehensive and collaborative approach to fit your business needs. (45 min) 
  6. If your business decides to move forward with legal and HR support, we will subsidize 25% of fees up to $2,000. (call out Val and Erin as the partners to work with) 
  7. If they work with GreenSeam Consultants 

Example:  A business seeks legal advice to determine feasibility of adding a global workforce. The initial consultation (2 part costs $500 (paid in full via grant program dollars).  If the business continues with the process of utilizing the legal expert and the fee is $5,000 – we will utilize grant program dollars to support the additional cost of $1,250 (25% of $5,000) for a total of $1,750.  


Continued Example: The same business requests a workforce consultant to support the development of organizational structure, policies, procedures, etc. The initial consultation costs $500 (paid in full via grant program dollars). If the business requires additional workforce consultative services valued at $2,000 we will utilize grant program dollars to support the additional costs of $500 (25% of $2,000) for a total workforce consultant cost of $1,000.  

In this scenario, the business or organization will spend $7,000 and receive $2,750 in assistance. 

Mainstreet Businesses Focused on Food and Agriculture (MBFFA) project works to enhance sustainability and growth in the agriculture and food-related sector in Region 9. Through a unique collaborative approach, MBFFA will provide counseling, training, technical assistance, and access to resources for small businesses in south-central Minnesota until November 30th, 2023. 

Link to other partners: Meet the Spokes | Minnesota State University, Mankato (mnsu.edu)