Promoting Ag in Minnesota 

Agriculture is a major sector of our economy in southern Minnesota. Minnesota ranks #4 in the nation in agriculture production. Ag in Minnesota primarily includes soybeans, corn, feed grains and processed feed and pork. South Central College has been a leader in Ag education for decades, we also host the Minnesota State Southern Agricultural Center of Excellence. My involvement in GreenSeam stems from that long-time commitment to Ag. Something that I feel people often forget about agriculture is that it is not your Grandparents Farm like many think it is – today Ag contributes over $112 billion annually in total economic impact and supports more than 431,000 jobs in Minnesota. 

GreenSeam provides an increased awareness of the importance of agriculture; more people are engaged in the discussion around agriculture since the formal establishment of GreenSeam in 2015.  Supporting the Minnesota State Southern Agricultural Center of Excellence is a part of my position I truly enjoy. The GreenSeam volunteer Board of Governors is invested in guiding the Center’s programs, providing outreach and recruitment into education and the agriculture industry. As a native southern Minnesotan I understand the importance of Agriculture to both business and industry and our southern Minnesota families. My involvement in the Board is my way of demonstrating that understanding and commitment.