GreenSeam: Securing the Future of Food 

Marques Doppler is the CEO of Profinium Bank in Mankato, Minnesota, and along with that role, he is also on the Board of Governors for GreenSeam. GreenSeam is an organization that strives to redefine agribusiness and create unity in the GreenSeam region of southern Minnesota through northern Iowareally highlighting how much of an asset ag is in this area and how it positively impacts the United States. 

When asked what he defines “ag” as, Doppler responded saying, “I have expanded my definition’s scope dramatically over the years to include almost anything related to the planning, funding, producing, processing, packaging, distributing, promoting, consuming and waste management of our food. Noonly does he see ag as such, but he also sees that it has played a major role in his life as he grew up in a rural area and worked on his grandparents farm most of his summers as a child and beyond. Doppler noted that he has financed more farm operations than he can count in his professional life ranging from areas in Montana to North and South Dakota to Minnesota, even doing so through the farm crisis of the 80s up to today. Doppler’s personal life is full of people in or around agribusiness, and he stated that even if he wanted to (which he doesn’t) he couldn’t escape agriculture’s influence on him.  

Doppler is very passionate about GreenSeam and its potential to help others succeed, saying, “If you’re alive, agriculture is a key reason why! It seems to be so taken for granted, and GreenSeam can help change that perspectiveGreenSeam has so much potential to catapult the awareness and appreciation for agriculture.” As can be seen, people often forget that agriculture connects to everyone’s lives, and businesses rely on agriculture too in areas of sustainability, expansion and growth. He feels that GreenSeam has excellent leadership as well, featuring a Board of Governors that is made up of very qualified and intelligent individuals.  

Through his work as a bank CEO in the heart of the GreenSeam, Doppler recognizes that ag is always a top priority, stating that the Profinium organization has always been in the hands of families that have roots in agriculture. When it comes to his career specifically, he said, Ag has been and is everywhere in my career, and what an honor it’s been!” Doppler sees that GreenSeam has so much power to help others succeed in the GreenSeam Region, and I think it’s safe to say that he’s proud to be a part of ag too.