Chad Surprenant

We are a firm that fosters strong collaboration between all the firm’s disciplines providing clients a diverse knowledge base, broad perspective, responsive delivery of integrated solutions and services with focused dynamic expertise.

Chad SurprenantMy business is a partner in providing innovative services to this critical market. ISG is a solutions-based design company that is focused on relationships and real world issues. We welcome the opportunity to partner with agricultural producers and manufacturers to improve the world around us while recognizing the increase in population, feeding a greater percentage of the population than ever before. I realized a decade into my professional career that a large percentage of what I do directly serves the agricultural world and an even larger percentage is influenced heavily by agriculture. I want our students to go to school understanding where they came from. I want our region to make conscious decisions based on who we are and how agriculture shapes our daily lives. Agriculture defines our area, it is all around us, and it is an intimate part of our business.