What does it mean to be a part of the GreenSeam? 

The GreenSeam region, made up of counties in southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa, is the home to many innovators on the farm, factories, and educational institutions all solving food and fiber production challenges. Their combined effort supplies the rest of the world with these life support materials. 

What is unique about the GreenSeam region? 

Many years ago, early in my career providing automation solutions to the agriculture industry and before GreenSeam was formed, I was at an agronomy trade show in Dallas, TX. As I browsed the floor map consisting of over 100 booths, I realized that over 70% of them represented companies based in Minnesota! These companies were mainly innovators and solution providers for this important part of the agricultural inputs industry. I find this to be very unique about this region and it is also true for other sectors of our diverse agriculture industry that is constantly growing in the GreenSeam. 

How does GreenSeam, the organization, shape the future of agriculture, businesses, and communities in the region? 

GreenSeam connects all the different ag innovators, industry sectors, communities, educational institutions, government departments, investors, and food production companies into a unified organization. GreenSeam works on the challenges facing the agriculture industry and its efforts benefit everyone who lives and works in the GreenSeam region. These challenges can be overcome only through collaboration and GreenSeam is the catalyst for those interactions. 

What brings you and Kahler Automation to the GreenSeam table? 

As a company that provides automation solutions to the agriculture industry, Kahler Automation is honored to be a part of the GreenSeam organization and we appreciate the work being done to solve issues facing agriculture, food production, and our unique rural life style we all enjoy here in the GreenSeam. 

Wayne Kahler, Founder and Chairman of the Board for Kahler Automation Corporation, is a life-time resident of Fairmont, Minnesota. He has spent his life’s work supplying electrical and automation solutions to agricultural operations in rural America. 

As a volunteer on GreenSeam’s Board of Governors, Kahler is very excited about projects and campaigns in the educational field, helping students become more aware of the interesting ag industry career opportunities and many high-tech employment positions constantly opening in the GreenSeam region. 

Wayne Kahler

Wayne Kahler

Kahler Automation