How is the GreenSeam region becoming a world-class food and agribusiness epicenter? 

The ag stakeholders in the region, such as communities, educational institutions, and private businesses, all have an increasing awareness that their individual success is based, in large part, on regional success. The effort to get the stakeholders out of silos and to have them look at opportunities to collaborate plays a key role. In taking a holistic view of what the region has to offer, ag-related partners can leverage their respective skills and financial strength to make this region a destination for people to work, live, and succeed in whichever individual areas of interest or expertise they might be.

What does it mean to be a part of the GreenSeam? 

Being a part of the GreenSeam means being a part of a community where people shared a common goal of achieving excellence in agriculture. This in turn makes our communities vibrant and exciting places to live, work, and raise a family.

What is unique about the GreenSeam region? 

Strong work ethic, strong family values, abundant resources, and welcoming communities that offer opportunities for a diverse and skilled workforce.

How does GreenSeam, the organization, shape the future of agriculture, businesses, and communities in the region? 

GreenSeam unifies the region’s voice. It acts as a thought leader, organizer, and advocate for the region and its needs, as well as those of its stakeholders.

What brings you, as well as your business to the GreenSeam table? 

Our company was founded here, we have become successful here, and we want to drive that success into greater opportunity and achievement in the dynamic global community in which we now live. This aspiration is bigger than any one individual or institution. For any of us to be successful, we all need to be working towards this common goal. GreenSeam is the platform to drive that further success. 

Gary Koch serves as Vice President and General Counsel at Christensen Farms, overseeing the business development and legal matters. After graduating from law school in 1979 and moving to Minnesota a few years later, Koch found the focus of his professional life to revolve around helping and supporting ag in the Midwest. He serves as the Chair of GreenSeam Board of Governors, where he works with like-minded individuals in an effort to enhance the environment for agribusiness in the region.

Gary Koch

Gary Koch

Christensen Farms

GreenSeam Board of Governors Chair