Ben Broze

I am Ag because I am working as the marketing intern for GreenSeam this summer. I am helping GreenSeam support the agricultural community in which I grew up. North Mankato is my home and I go to school at Southwest Minnesota State University, located in the rural community of Marshall, MN. I am a professional writing and communication major with a minor in public administration. I have a passion for writing and public affairs, which is why this internship is great for me.

This summer I am also interning for Governor Mark Dayton’s communication office. I’ll be working with a team of interns to write memos, reports, and create web content. It is great gaining experience from two different workplaces, and practice my communication and writing skills.

I may not be an expert on agriculture, but I know its importance. My definition of Ag is an economy with roots in farming and food production but reaches in all other industries. Manufacturing and energy, businesses and government agencies all play a role in agriculture. In southern Minnesota and northern Iowa, we have agricultural businesses working on a global scale. There is also a culture in Ag (hence the name agriculture), of hard-working people who innovative and passionate. The community is not at all limited to farmers, which is great for people like me who will one day work in fields other than ones with crops in them.

For my internship, I will be helping build our social media platforms, and write about everything new in our organization, which will also benefit our partners and stakeholders. We spread the word on new developments in the industry and promote greater education on agriculture. I look forward to learning more about Ag and getting involved in the economy and culture.