GreenSeam Included in the Ag Omnibus Bill

MANKATO, Minn. (May 30, 2019) — The Omnibus Agriculture, Housing and Rural Development Bill was signed today by Governor Walz. The bill includes $75,000 in support of GreenSeam for the purpose of “assistance to ag related businesses to promote jobs, innovation and development of a synergy.” Agriculture remains the bedrock of rural communities in the GreenSeam. More than 950 agriculture associated businesses – everything from transportation and distribution to professional services, ag-related manufacturing and processing, and research and education – employ nearly 100,000 individuals across southern Minnesota and represent $36 billion in economic activity. Agribusiness can be the catalyst to revitalize rural Minnesota, however it will take dedicated and coordinated public and private effort. GreenSeam is focused on driving economic growth through agriculture by branding the ag industry cluster of southern Minnesota to make it the “Silicon Valley of Ag,” connecting talent with employers and supporting business expansion and retention. State recognition and support of GreenSeam is greatly appreciated and will help propel our 5-year $2.8 million initiative forward. David Krause, Chairman of GreenSeam stated, “On behalf of GreenSeam, I would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to Governor Walz and Agriculture Commissioner Petersen, Chief Authors of the GreenSeam legislation Sen. Nick Frentz and Rep. Todd Lippert; and Co-Authors Rep. Jeff Brand, Rep. Jeanne Poppe, Rep. Rod Hamilton, Rep. Joe Schomacker, Sen. Rich Draheim, Sen. Michael Goggin and Sen. Andrew Lang.” “I think rural Minnesota needs state government to be a strong partner.  Right now, we need to be supporting agriculture and farmers in any way we can.  I’m excited about GreenSeam’s innovative vision for a bright future for agriculture in Southern Minnesota.  It only makes sense that the state of Minnesota and GreenSeam will be working together.” Said Representative Todd Lippert. Senator Nick Frentz said, “We are all very proud to see the State of Minnesota deliver this funding to GreenSeam, but even more proud of the strong vote of confidence that it represents.  We look forward to working with all our partners in agriculture to fulfill the full potential of GreenSeam.” “This is a big day for GreenSeam!” said Sam Ziegler, Director of GreenSeam. “The commitment the State of Minnesota has made to GreenSeam is a key to the success of rural Minnesota and agriculture. We’re grateful our elected leaders understand the impact of agriculture and the drivers of future economic growth in our region.” About GreenSeam, LLC GreenSeam is a grassroots initiative, created by countless businesses and professionals from southern Minnesota and northern Iowa. This initiative exists to build on existing ag business prominence maximizing a growing economic marketplace in order to be the premier ag business epicenter in the United States – the most diverse, balanced and sustainable. It is a place that is agriculturally relevant, responsive and diverse. GreenSeam is a business unit of Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. (GMG). Learn more at ###   Contacts: Sam Ziegler, 507.385.6672 Senator Frentz, 651.296.6153 Representative Lippert, 651.296.0171