Have a Business Idea? 

Do you think “there has to be a better way to do this”? There probably is. If not, let’s make it happen! We encourage everyone to get involved and take that first step with us. Whether you are a product, service or technology, GreenSeam can help you get your idea to the next step by offering: Industry Expertise & Connections, Funding & Grants, Mentorship & More! 

Not Sure Where to Begin? 

Step one, connect with GreenSeam via phone or email. Having the conversation about your idea is so important and it only takes roughly 30-60 minutes. Then, we will be able to identify the needs of your business. Lastly, it’s time to take action! No pressure we don’t require forms, plans or funds – just you and an idea. You don’t have to do it alone, GreenSeam is here!

Need Help Launching or Growing Your Business? 

We are here to help guide, coordinate and leverage resources to support your business. This includes: access to connections, funding, education and more. GreenSeam’s network consists of over 1,000 businesses, that are willing and eager to connect and help make your dream into a reality. Check out the following link to see the 1,000+ businesses across the region: https://greenseam.org/business-directory/

GreenSeam Diagram for Business Idea


Garrett Lieffring, Program Manager