Showcasing Ag in the GreenSeam  

Southern Minnesota through northern Iowa is an area that is rich in agricultural roots and future harvesting potential, and due to this, GreenSeam LLC was created several years ago to take ag from the background to the foreground of people’s minds. GreenSeam has a united Board of Governors that all want to take GreenSeam to the next level, and Gary Koch, the Vice Chair of GreenSeam’s board, is one great example of this group’s views.  

After graduating from law school in 1979 and moving to Minnesota a few years after, Koch found the focus of his professional life to revolve around helping and supporting ag in the Midwest, specifically in MinnesotaIn doing this work with the businesses and families centered around ag, Koch saw that the wellbeing of this region is heavily reliant upon agribusiness. As he has continued to work with agribusinesses throughout his career, currently at Christensen Farms, he enjoys being able to work with the future leaders of the ag industry and getting to see them accomplish more and more than those who came before them due to technology and their work ethic. 

When asked why he joined the GreenSeam Board, Koch replied, “I became involved with GreenSeam to join with other like-minded individuals in an effort to enhance the environment for agribusiness in the area. Koch is excited for the prospects that GreenSeam has, and he believes that the work of the organization will help keep the GreenSeam region a center of ag excellence for those already here and those who will inevitably come here for the rich prospects. 

As GreenSeam continues to show this region how much agriculture impacts everyone living here, board members like Gary Koch will be continuing to work in and with agribusiness. Ag involves so many people due to the landscape and environment of the Midwest, and GreenSeam is doing a splendid job of showcasing that fact.