James Heilman

I am Ag because I have been working in and around agriculture my entire life.  Growing up in the small town of Le Center, MN I spent my summers working on family farms to earn a few extra bucks.  After graduating high school I worked for five years at a local farm service cooperative before heading off to college. Throughout that time I had many experiences which included working in dairy barns, hog farrowing units, spraying crops, spreading fertilizer and driving trucks.

I earned my Bachelor of Science degree from Minnesota State University, Mankato, and went to work for Clifton Larson Allen as a CPA.  I never dreamed that I would end up working for a firm where I was able to go back to my farming roots.  At CLA we work more than 5,000 producers and 250 cooperatives representing all geographic regions and commodities in agricultural production.  In addition, we work hundreds of processors involved in the conversion of the farm product grown by producers.

My main focus is working with producers that raise swine, corn and soybeans in southern Minnesota and northern Iowa.  I work with farmers on tax compliance, long-term tax strategies and help them answer many other questions. How do I pass the family farm to my kids?  Am I able to retire?  What is my cost of production?  Should I expand?  Should I sell?  What are my options for healthcare? It’s a rewarding experience working in the GreenSeam.