AURI – Michael Sparby

We foster long-term economic benefit for Minnesota through value-added agricultural products.

All American Foods, Inc. – Jeff Thom

I grew up in Southern Minnesota and my professional abilities came from the knowledge I learned here in the GreenSeam.  I was taught the value of hard work, the importance of a good handshake and honoring your word, along with the importance of family and community by some of the finest agricultural experts.

Blethen Berens – Chris Roe

I am ag because I represent agricultural clients through the law firm of Blethen Berens. For over 120 years, Blethen has represented agricultural businesses, processors, producers and other agriculture-related companies in all areas of law affecting the agriculture industries.

Kahler Automation – Wayne Kahler

We are an experienced custom integrator of industrial control systems with experience in designing systems for fertilizer, chemical and seed measuring, using a combination of a standard line of products and custom automation.

ISG – Chad Surprenant

We are a firm that fosters strong collaboration between all the firm’s disciplines providing clients a diverse knowledge base, broad perspective, responsive delivery of integrated solutions and services with focused dynamic expertise.

Gislason and Hunter LLP – Gary Koch

We provide comprehensive legal services to businesses and individuals in Minnesota, Iowa and the Upper Midwest. Even though we may not be out in the fields and barns, we are proud to be a part of the noble endeavor of providing food to a growing world.

BluEarth Agribusiness Strategies – Patrick Yockey

Our mission is to facilitate business strategy development for companies marketing and selling agricultural products and services I want to be part of the solution for the problem of feeding the world.

Redwood Area Development Corporation – Julie Rath

We serve member communities with business recruitment, business expansion, administrative services, and technical assistance. Redwood County is one of the top ag production counties in Minnesota. Ag is the core of who and what we are as Redwood County.

Thriveon – Sam Bloedow

We are a family owned IT Managed Services company serving businesses in Minnesota.

Bio-Plastic Solutions LLC – Gary Noble

We are innovators in the development, utilization, processing, and marketing of ag-based raw materials used in the building, construction, and furnishing industries.