Eide Bailly LLP – Jerad Michels

Importance of Tax Planning in Down Years

The common misconception for ag producers is that tax planning is only necessary when the ag economy is doing well and the farmer wants to minimize their tax burden. However, planning during down years is just as important to prevent losing deductions and credits that could be helpful during those tough times. It’s common practice for farmers to hold on to grain when prices are poor but operating expenses are still ongoing. This can cause large variances in income from one year to the next, but proper tax planning can prevent that variance and offset future income.

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People Spark Consulting – Kristen Ireland & Erin Mies

9 Things Businesses Can Do Today For Their Employees Amid Our Changing World Communicate, Communicate, Communicate.  You can’t overdo this right now. This does not mean communicating only when you […]

ISG – Chuck Brandel

Bioreactors: Agricultural Drainage Water Treatment Colonized microbes treating drainage may sound unusual, but that’s exactly what happens with bioreactors, which are gaining attention by landowners and other water quality stakeholders. […]

MinnStar Bank – Kent Thiesse

Focus on Ag  During the 2016 Presidential Election, and even more so since the beginning of 2017, trade agreements between the United States and other countries have come under scrutiny. […]

Bolton & Menk, Inc. – Dan Donayre

Wetland Restoration on Marginal Lands As a result of falling commodity prices, farmers have been looking at different avenues to profit from marginal land. One of these is to restore […]

AgStar Financial Services – Resha Koster, PHR

Fostering Agribusiness Internships – AgStar’s College Relations Program Since 1916, AgStar Financial Services ACA has been dedicated to serving agriculture and rural America as part of the Farm Credit system. […]

Bremer Bank – Wally Thomas

5 C’s of Banking – Passionate Relevance  2016 is quickly coming to a close, as the calendar flips into the last 60 days, and agribusinesses and farmers alike continue to […]

Central Farm Services – Kate Stenzel, CPAg

NitrateNow: Sustainable Precise Nitrogen Management Central Farm Service’s branding slogan is “The Power of Progress”, which is not just a statement of intention, but an action. In my opinion, this […]

BluEarth Agribusiness Strategies – Patrick Yockey

Should Your Organization Invest in Strategic Planning? This is a common question that agribusiness leadership teams face as they manage the complexities of their business. Strategic planning can be challenging, […]

AMPI – Sarah Schmidt

Join the Conversation to Build Consumer Trust Scientific research has helped U.S. agriculture companies become the suppliers of the safest and most affordable food supply on the planet, but another […]