Along with banks, the United Prairie system began to build insurance and financial planning resources for its customers. Today, United Prairie Insurance Agencies service almost all bank locations, offering a full range of coverage for personal, home, farm and business needs.

All United Prairie Banks are organized under a local market president, who within the bounds of sound banking practices and some broad-based policy, controls the day-to-day business and decision making for that bank. All UPB operations are held to high standards of customer service, transactional accuracy and financial soundness. United Prairie Bank typically carries strong overall safeness and soundness ratings available from banking regulatory agencies.

All United Prairie operations enjoy centralized administrative support through the United Prairie Service Center, officed in Mankato, MN. The Service Center provides specialized support in administration, credit, operations, compliance, investments, marketing and technology under the leadership of Scott D. Bradley, Chief Executive Officer, and Jeff Weldon, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer.


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