Ridley USA Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alltech, is based in Mankato, Minnesota, and is one of the leading commercial animal nutrition companies in North America, serving customers mainly in the United States and Canada. Ridley employs more than 700 people in the manufacture, sales and marketing of a full range of animal nutrition products, including complete feeds, premixes, feed supplements, block supplements, animal health products and feed ingredients under several highly regarded trade names. Ridley’s customers include livestock and poultry breeders and growers who produce meat, milk and egg products that are processed into consumer food products. Ridley’s products are sold to the equine, companion animal and lifestyle segments. Ridley’s products are sold by direct sales to producers or through distributor, dealer and mass merchandiser channels.


111 W. Cherry Street, Suite 500
Mankato , MN 56001




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