Protein Sources-Milling Division, LLC (PSM) provides independent swine toll milling and feed transportation services to swine producers, principally in southern Minnesota. The Company’s state-of-the-art milling facility and transportation fleet located in Mapleton, Minnesota is fully capable of meeting the swine nutrition needs of producers of all sizes. In-house, professional nutrition consulting as well as pig group feed budgeting and tracking are available to all customers. PSM is proud of its reputation as a company that focuses on providing outstanding customer service and competitively priced, high quality swine nutrition solutions. 

Protein Sources Management provides professional swine production system management services to independent producers in the Upper Midwest. The Company is widely considered a leader in developing, designing and implementing innovative financial, production, nutrition, animal health, genetics, facility and human resource solutions for swine production companies, all in a cost effective manner. Protein Sources Management insists on treating all managed pigs as if they were owned. Management decisions are always based upon sound financial analysis and the long-term profitability of each client, given their unique situation.


503 Silver St E.
Mapleton , MN 56065