Our farm is situated on 40 acres, 3 miles west of Montgomery MN. Over the past 10 years, we have been growing the farm piece by piece, each year growing more food on healthier soils. We are committed to growing all our food free of chemicals in a natural and sustainable way and providing that food to you in its freshest, simplest form. We call it eco-ganic. It is more than organic because it is produced in a way that is holistic, with each part supporting the others while sustaining our precious resources. We want you to know about your food and how it’s grown, and therefore we feel we do not need a government ‘organic’ label to tell our customers that our meat and produce is naturally grown. Our openness is our labeling. In addition, our children pick and eat the produce right in the garden, they play in the dirt between the rows, and it simply is not worth risking the health of our children for the perceived benefits of chemically grown food.


35100 191st Avenue
Montgomery , MN 56069