Wayne’s Inc. started in 1981 in a 25′ x 40′ shop with Wayne Weber as its sole owner and worker and quickly outgrew this facility by 1984. Wayne then purchased Zaske’s Service Station and converted a 60′ x 80′ warehouse to a welding shop that unfortunately burned down in 1996. Wayne’s, Inc. then moved and expanded to meet our growing needs to a 120′ X 140′ machining and welding shop in 1997, to 87 Vernon Avenue in Morgan, MN. where it stands today. In 2011 expansion took place again with the purchase of the Morgan Body shop and property that consisted of a newly remodeled 60′ X 80′ building that includes a brand new 18′ X 32′ paint booth and oven. Wayne’s Inc has manufactured quality agricultural tile plows, stringer trailers and other tiling accessories under the Wayne’s Tile Pro brand.

November 15, 2012 Crary Industries (West Fargo, ND) purchased the assets of Wayne’s Tile Pro. The manufacturing of the same great-quality Tile Pro products will continue in the current factory located in Morgan, MN as a wholly owned subsidiary of Crary Agricultural Solutions, LLC., while the Marketing and Sales functions will be managed from West Fargo, ND.


P.O. Box 237
Morgan , MN 56266