Anderson Seeds is an independent, 4-generation family business located in the heart of Southern Minnesota. We’ve been involved in the seed business since 1916 and have been a part of hybrid seed corn since it began in 1938. Today, we pride ourselves in raising a seed lineup selected to perform across many environments. We strive to provide our customers with a high quality product accomplishing this through quality production, processing and conditioning.

As an independent seed company, we have control over the genetics we select, the production of the seed, as well as processing the seed we select and raise. We pride ourselves in handling the majority of the seed we sell, from planting it in the spring to loading it in the back of a truck to be planted the following spring. The seed we have not grown ourselves has come from hand-picked seed farms with the same values and expectations that we hold ourselves to. We are proud to offer products that have been cared for every step of the way.