GreenSeam is a magnet for agribusinesses interested in locating in close proximity to agricultural production.

How much and what types of production? BILLIONS!

  • Livestock production has sales of more than $4.7 billion coming from 9,500 operations.
  • Crop sales are at $7.1 billion from nearly 20,000 operations.
  • This economic activity has an impact of $14.8 billion on other industry purchases in the GreenSeam region.

The scale of this type of production creates a natural industry cluster resulting in an agricultural epicenter. The GreenSeam region boasts more than 950 ag-related businesses. Our manufacturing and service sector businesses all have a specialization or expertise in agriculture. Ask any bank in GreenSeam if their portfolio includes agriculture. It does. And it performs, just like the work ethic we are known for.

GreenSeam is a dynamic and innovative region, filled with businesses of all kinds. Transportation, warehousing and distribution play an integral part in everyday agriculture. Additionally, other professional services such as banks, law offices and accounting firms help bring the benefits of agriculture to your community through the services they provide.

This business directory is a valuable tool for discovering and engaging with the companies and organizations that operate within the GreenSeam region.

Find your connection right here! Businesses within the GreenSeam are eager to work or collaborate with other businesses and individuals inside the region and beyond. Background and contact information, as well as convenient web links, will help you connect with the businesses listed within the GreenSeam business directory.

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