80% of economic growth comes from existing businesses.

GreenSeam is committed to convening and building the regional ag ecosystem in southern MN and northern IA, and it starts with our existing businesses.

Business Retention & Expansion (BRE) Visits

GreenSeam’s BRE visits are hour-long conversations between its BRE Committee members and the owner(s) and/or manager(s) of regional food and ag businesses designed to promote business growth. These visits are held in an interview format, asking questions related to business performance, the local business environment, regulatory challenges, etc.


Any information shared in the BRE visit will be kept confidential between the business, committee, and the local economic development office and chamber of commerce.


Businesses may decline responding to any question without giving a reason.

(Click here to view the full BRE Questionnaire).

GreenSeam’s BRE Community Days

A few times per year, GreenSeam’s Business Retention and Expansion committee spends a full day in a GreenSeam community conducting BRE visits, concluding with a networking reception for the area’s ag business community. Previous communities have been New Ulm, Waseca, Mountain Lake, and Windom.

If you are interested in hosting a BRE community day in your town, contact us by emailing greenseam@greenseam.org.

What will this do for my business or community?

By agreeing to a Business Retention and Expansion Visit with GreenSeam’s BRE committee, your business and community will discover regional resources and opportunities unique to the food and ag industry, including GreenSeam’s networking, education, and workforce development programs. The information you share also guides GreenSeam’s work advocating for the needs of food and ag businesses to public officials.


If your business doesn’t seem to be directly connected to ag, it could still be an agribusiness! GreenSeam considers the following non-traditional industry segments to be agribusinesses:

  • Professional service providers serving food and ag producers and manufacturers including banks, accountants, lawyers, marketers, insurance companies, real estate agents, and more.
  • Manufacturers with ag-based clientele or inputs, including farm equipment, ag product processing, and food manufacturing.
  • Researchers, engineers and contractors working with ag businesses and natural resources in the region.
  • Logistics and Transportation of ag-related products.

Information gathered in the interview is tabulated and analyzed by GreenSeam’s staff and committee. The business will received a follow up email with any resources or programs relevant to their responses.

Responses are also shared with the local economic development office and/or chamber of commerce to assist their work supporting the local business community.

Any information shared in a BRE visit is kept confidential between the business, committee, and local economic development office and chamber of commerce unless permission otherwise has been explicitly given. If a business would like information withheld from their local economic development office or chamber of commerce, they must clearly indicate so.

To schedule a BRE visit or for more information on GreenSeam’s Business Retention and Expansion Program, contact GreenSeam’s Economic Development Coordinator, Holly Callaghan by emailing hcallaghan@greenseam.org