Patrick Yockey

Our mission is to facilitate business strategy development for companies marketing and selling agricultural products and services

I want to be part of the solution for the problem of feeding the world.

I recently established a new business in the GreenSeam region named “BluEarth Agribusiness Strategies, LLC”. My business is located in the GreenSeam because the region is poised to grow dramatically in the coming years.
We are blessed with some of the most productive soils in the world. In addition, we have world-class producers, engineers, manufacturers, and input suppliers located here. It is truly a region where the opportunity to help feed the world now, and in the future, is great. Contrary to what some might think, agriculture is truly a leading-edge industry. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to contribute as a GreenSeam steering committee member. The work has helped to underscore my belief in the vast ag-related potential that resides here.