GreenSeam strives to build on existing ag business growth and development throughout the southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa area in order to be the premier business epicenter of the ag industry. GreenSeam has a board of governors that all share this same vision and aim to work towards this goal. Andrea Vaubel, Deputy Commissioner for the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, is one of the newest members of GreenSeam’s Board of Governors (Ex-Officio, Non-voting) and shares this view.  

A Wisconsin native, Vaubel was surrounded by ag growing up. Her father and grandfather were both very involved in agricultureso she has been around it for a very long time. She has gained a passion for the industry, with one of her most memorable moments being having the opportunity to work with Governor Tim Walz in Washington D.C.. Vaubel is fascinated at how much ag influences everything, even with things you might not expect. Work force issues, environmental issues, childcare, broadband, and many others are touched by ag while ag is also touched by them. Being able to work with topics like these every day is something she is very passionate about. People often forget or don’t think about certain parts of agriculture, like how much hard work, blood, sweat and tears go into itGetting food on the table like that piece of fruit, that loaf of bread; ag is in the whole process of creating these things and getting them to you.  

She used to live in southern Minnesota, and she believes that Mankato and the area surrounding it in general is a wonderful place to breed creativity in this industry that also elevates and promotes those that are doing great things in this business. When asked why she joined GreenSeam, she replied with, “Well Sam Ziegler is a rockstar! and that she has been intrigued by the idea of contributing to the epicenter of ag innovation and is glad she found it in MNHer favorite part of working in the ag industry and being in GreenSeam is the peopleBeing around brilliant, hard-working, and kind people who devote their lives to this industry is something that further builds upon her passion for ag.