Jeff Thom

I grew up in Southern Minnesota and my professional abilities came from the knowledge I learned here in the GreenSeam.  I was taught the value of hard work, the importance of a good handshake and honoring your word, along with the importance of family and community by some of the finest agricultural experts.

Hands on experience from a handful of farmers that allowed me to work for them in my junior high school years taught me a lot of lessons, as did the opportunity to later work for retail food operations. Thanks to the owners and management of the former St. Peter Creamery who gave me the opportunity to learn about making butter and food processing in general, my professional career was kick-started. “I Am Ag” because the majority of my education came from some of the finest agricultural families, businesses and educators in Southern Minnesota. Those experiences generated my passion for the food industry and helped create my desire to build a truly innovative food ingredient company. I founded All American Foods 30 years ago. It has gone from one small facility to three manufacturing plants in Mankato and one in Waseca, thanks in large part to agriculture production in the region and our innovative approach toward developing and manufacturing specialty food ingredients. Our ingredients are used in a wide range of applications and continue to benefit some of the finest food manufacturers in the world.  Agricultural ingredients are vital to the success of our Pro Mix® line of value added food ingredients. We utilize a variety of agricultural components that offer value to a wide range of applications, including but not limited to:

  • snack foods
  • confectionery products
  • bakery items
  • salad dressings and sauces
  • dessert products
  • beverage applications

It is our vision to be the premier manufacturer and supplier of innovative food ingredient solutions that contribute to an affordable food supply for the world.