Bruce Schmoll

Where groundbreaking means more than farming.

I have been producing corn and soybeans for 45 years. With the growth of our farm and family, my sense of serving our community has grown as well. The crops I grow are just the beginning. Additional value is created by ethanol plants and animal agriculture across the area. Ag has such a large ripple effect it can be hard to grasp its reach and impact.

Serving on the MSGA board has helped me better understand the bigger picture. Currently serving on the USMEF board, I have a hand in paving the way for families around the world to have access to some of the safest and most sustainable protein in the world, much of which is raised and processed right here. Little did I realize 45 years ago how agriculture would evolve into the intricate pattern of tightly woven strands all relying on each other to achieve success. Our success lies in communication locally, nationally and internationally. As farmers, we can make a difference. We need to make a difference, not just for my family but for other families. I am proud of my career in ag.