Brian Maciej

Much more than it seems.

We are a full-service advertising agency. The services include integrated marketing communications (IMC), copywriting, graphic design, media planning, photography, website design and digital and social media integration.

“So much of what I write, design, print or program as a marketer is done for clients in the agricultural industry. Lime Valley Advertising works with ag-related commodity associations, ag equipment manufacturers, ag insurance and service related companies and livestock feed supplement producers. Not a day goes by at Lime Valley without thinking about, developing or strategizing on a project directly related to some aspect of agriculture. When you start to break it down, almost every client at Lime Valley is in some way associated with agriculture. My business is ag because ag is always there. It shows up in one way or another in almost everything we write, design, print or program. My definition of ag is anything that is touched or impacted by agriculture in some way. Ag is extremely prevalent in my business and day-to-do working life.”