Mission & Vision

GreenSeam organizes and aligns the collective work of its stakeholders to promote investment in ag business and contribute to the shared vision.

Our vision is to build on existing ag business prominence across southern Minnesota – northern Iowa maximizing a growing economic marketplace in order to be the premier ag business epicenter in the United States – the most diverse, balanced and sustainable.


  • Promotion – increasing awareness of and enthusiasm toward the ag industry
  • Public Affairs – magnifying our voice, fostering an environment and garnering support conducive to ag development
  • Education – developing talent to grow ag businesses, from both resources inside and outside the region
  • Development – supporting existing business growth and positioning our marketplace as a destination for ag related opportunities


  • Promotion of Ag– developing tools for communicating and embracing the ag economy
  • Public Affairs – integrating agriculture with the economic & social community
  • Education – investing in ag programs and resources that will meet the demand for a talented workforce
  • Economic Prosperity – using the potential of ag to fuel economic growth