We are one of the largest independently owned brokers of agri-business insurance in the country, providing a full range of brokerage services including employee benefits, property and casualty, personal insurance, bonds, agri-business and financial services.

I graduated from South Central College in 2010 with a Civil Engineering Technologies degree and a Certificate in GIS Application. That degree led me to a position with Crop Insurance Services in 2009. I started my career in crop insurance by leading the agency’s GIS mapping endeavors. This knack with technology quickly led into data mining and analyzing Federal crop insurance transmissions and  further opened the opportunity to learn and understand the complexities of crop insurance from the extreme technical side of the business.

This technical understanding rapidly grew into an opportunity to work with area producers directly through sales and service of our policies. In 2012, I left Crop Insurance Services for an opportunity within Cargill’s AgHorizon division. There I focused on building a crop insurance book in the four corners of Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, and South Dakota. In addition to sales and services, I frequently assisted their corporate office with policy auditing and process improvements strategies.

In 2014 the former owner of Crop Insurance Services approached me with an opportunity to return to Crop Insurance Services as his successor and to be a part of the Crop Insurance Services and Agri-Business Insurance Services merger/acquisition.

Guided by a passion to provide the best service our customers deserve and the desire to embrace new concepts in an ever-changing industry, my short 8 years in the industry has given me the drive to succeed and grow my career to where it is today.

I am passionate about ag because I want to help feed the world. Ag is the backbone to our society. What I provide through crop insurance and expansive risk management solution to both the grower and commercial Ag provides them the financial year to year security they need and deserve to endure the hardest of times.  With a rapidly changing ag industry, ag is an ever exciting field to be a part of. That growth and future potential of managing these risks offers great reward in knowing our local producers and business can focus on what they are great at.

You don’t have to come from a farm to work in Ag. It takes every type of background to make this industry tick. The diversity of people from all walks of life, is what can make a career in ag such a rewarding one.  It takes people who want to be accountants, bankers, scientist, secretaries, and more. So don’t be afraid to turn your passion to be a part of feeding the world, into a career just because you didn’t grow up on a farm.  We all are Ag in one way or another.