2024 State of Ag report

Tuesday saw researchers release the 2024 “State of Ag” report, which pools data from across the food and agriculture industries to gauge the state of the economy across Minnesota.

The data is gathered by polling farmers from every corner of Minnesota, and researchers say that farmers are generally optimistic, but that the past year has presented challenges, both new and evergreen.

“76-percent of respondents either agreed or strongly agreed that the state of ag is moving in the right direction. So there is a lot of optimism out there but it’s a bit more cautious out there, as we have seen rising costs, lowered commodity prices and just a few other challenges,” said Megan Roberts.

This is the fifth year that Greenseam in Mankato hosted an event breaking down the annual report.

The event saw breakdowns and Q&As from the research team as well as talks from representatives from the University of Minnesota Extension and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

That paired with the opportunity for industry leaders to meet has resulted in an event that continues to grow every year,.

Greenseam says attendance has doubled over last year’s event.

“You have the production of agriculture all the way through the entire ecosystem that is here, so there is just a natural tendency to look at this region for places to be a part of statewide events and outreaching is, we’re a natural ag epicenter in the state of Minnesota,” said Director Sam Ziegler.

Click here to watch the full video on KEYC News Now.

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