The depth and expertise of people and businesses here run as deep as they do diverse. If you are looking for top talent or would like to surround yourself with bright minds look no further than the GreenSeam.

Photo used with permission from Rich Gemmill.


From food production, renewable fuels to equipment manufacturing and high-tech innovation, the GreenSeam has what you need. You might be surprised by the scope and expertise located here.

GreenSeam Education.


The GreenSeam boasts a mix of more than eight accredited higher educational institutions that produce talent and innovation while providing you with the knowledge and insight to fuel your success.

Photo used with permission from the Minnesota Pork Board.


Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa

GreenSeam is not simply a place; it is also a state of mind and being. We have a real and visceral connection to the land we stand on. We are connected to all the people and enterprises that support, supply and stand with us. And we have a heritage that links us with the hardworking past generations whose shoulders we stand upon.

Long before there was any concept of a place called the “GreenSeam,” people of this area were innovating. Advances in farming techniques, developments in production, equipment and technological breakthroughs all had roots in the minds of those inhabiting this GreenSeam. A continuum of innovation.

We understand transformation in its many forms. A seed buried in rich ground, germinating. A bank loan granted to an enterprising agricultural business. A local supply chain of crops and producers, raw materials, suppliers, manufacturers and distributors emanating into the world of consumers and drawing people to the area for agri-tourism with professionals to serve them all. GreenSeam is a transformative stretch of ground and a groundbreaking way of life for all those connected to its energy and growth.


Uniting Stakeholders in Support of Agricultural Development

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